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Darko started his DJ career in 2002. He graduated from Hong Kong DJ training Centre under Tszpun, who is a very famous local DJ and producer with releases on many international record labels like Bedrock.  

Afterwards, Darko entered the Budweiser & Jack Daniel’s DJ competition in 2005 and got into the final.
He had a well experience in big venue/Famous Club such like Asia World Expo, Hitec, Azure, Adrenaline,Mint and also perfomed for many top brans including Hugo Boss, Nokia, Hustler, Paul Frank and Puma, just to name a few.

His name has come across with many notably DJs and producers, such as Judge Jules ,Meat Katie Jimmy Van M, Hyper, M.A.N.D.Y., Markus Schulz, Adam Freeland, Cor Fineman, Virtual Vault, Dave Beer and Ricky Stone. The co-operations with those big guns strongly influenced his music styles and techniques. Tribal House is his signature, loops and effects with different Midi Controller are his trumps.

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